Gîte Harrop's
(Harrop's Bed and Breakfast)
400 rue Richelieu
La Malbaie / Pointe-au-Pic, QC
G5A 2W8

After looking at our site, if you decide we are not what you're looking for, perhaps one of the following sites may be able to help you. They are all good sites to visit for information on our area

Frank Harrop
Gîte Harrop's

Gites of Charlevoix: This is a site created by the gites that are members of the Tourist Association of Charlevoix. While there are other gites this site lists all the Gites that are members. This is a guarantee that the gites you are looking at have a provincial permit and insurance.

Association Touristique Régionale de Charlevoix: This site represents the region of Charlevoix, lists all the members and gives linkages to members sites if they have one. They deal with all sectors of the tourist industry in Charlevoix. An excellent site to find a place and things to do in Charlevoix.

Government of Québec: At this site, every registered hotel, motel, inn, bed and breakfast with a government permit is not only listed but is also classified, rating this as one of the best sites in which to search in the Province of Quebec. Use this site in conjunction with the Association Touristique du Charlevoix, and you have two very strong sites at your service

BBCanada: This site is growing and growing every day, and lists over 3,000 sites now. Basically, it is only bed and breakfasts, but some Inns are starting to sneak in now so giving you a larger selection. They deal right across Canada, so are an excellent choice to start when planning a vacation. The choice for Charlevoix is small though, better to go to the site of the Association Touristique or Quebecweb.

Inn Site: Again, we have a listing on this site, They are however, mostly American listings but Canadian listings are starting to be shown more and more.

ferry: between Riviére-du-Loup and Saint-Siméon

 A nice site that may help you understand whales a bit better

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