Gîte Harrop's
(Harrop's Bed and Breakfast)

Reservation Request
Thank you for the interest you have shown in our Bed and Breakfast. Please fill out the following form as fully as possible to help us give you an accurate reply.

Filling in the following form does not create a reservation but only requests if a room or rooms are available. Do not send your credit card number with the form until I request it. To cancel your reservation I will need a minimum of 48 hours notice or we reserve the right to charge the full price of the room or rooms for the first night only.

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     Room #1, one double bed plus a pair of bunk beds
     Room #2, one double bed
     Room #3, one double bed
     Room #4, one double bed with private washroom
     Room #5, two singles beds

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If you do not receive a reply within 2 days maximum, please phone or email me.